Tickets valid on TILO trains

The Arcobaleno integrated tariff system of the Ticino and Moesa District fare network applies throughout Ticino. In order to travel within this fare network, you must purchase an Arcobaleno ticket according to the zone/time system. This ticket must be valid within the zones in which your point of departure and destination (inclusive) are located. This will allow you to travel freely within the selected zones on all forms of public transport in the fare network.

You can choose from single tickets and tickets that allow you to save time and money, such as the multiple-journey ticket or the multi-use day pass. You can buy first or second class tickets at the standard or half-fare rate. The half-fare rate applies to children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16, SBB Half-Fare travelcard holders and dogs. The Arcobaleno fare network also offers the “Ape card”. This takes the form of an electronic wallet – a payment method that you can top up and use to purchase any Arcobaleno ticket. The Ape card also gives you the added bonus of extra credit when you top up.

You can buy Arcobaleno tickets from Arcobaleno ticket machines, SBB ticket machines and counters, from partner transport companies, as well as via the SBB Mobile app and SBB online ticket shop. You cannot purchase/top up/use the Ape card at ticket machines in SBB railway stations.

SBB tickets, such as normal tickets, 1-day travelpasses, supersaver tickets and many more, are valid throughout Switzerland and can be used in Ticino. You can buy SBB tickets from counters and ticket machines at SBB railway stations, via the SBB Mobile app and SBB online ticket shop.

Trenord tickets are valid in Lombardy. You can buy single, multi-journey or multi-day tickets. Single tickets sold by Trenitalia are also valid. You can buy Trenord tickets at counters and ticket machines in stations, as well as online from the Trenord and Trenitalia websites, or on the Trenord APP (available for iOS and Android).

You can also use integrated Io Viaggio tickets in Lombardy, which allow you to enjoy comfortable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly travel on the region’s public transport. These tickets are particularly suited to commuters and families. You can buy Io Viaggio tickets at counters and ticket machines in stations, as well as from authorised points of sale.

Special tickets are available for border-crossing TILO trains: individual tickets are available, as well as tickets for groups, for dogs and bicycles.

These tickets can be purchased in Ticino at the staffed counters in Chiasso, Mendrisio, Lugano, Bellinzona, Biasca and Locarno, as well as from ticket machines at SBB railway stations. At the ticket machine, select International tickets/Ticino-Como-Milan (TILO regional trains) or Ticino-Luino-Malpensa (TILO regional trains). You cannot buy international TILO tickets at Arcobaleno ticket machines.

In Lombardy, you can buy international TILO tickets from ticket machines from Trenitalia, and depending on the destination, from Trenord too. The tickets are also available at ticket counter. In Italy, international TILO tickets are not valid on regional services.

International TILO tickets can be purchased online on the website of SBB.