Ghisla Art Collection

Foundation for modern and contemporary art.

The nonprofit Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection was founded in April 2014, created by the Ghislas, a husband-and-wife team impelled by a growing and eclectic passion for artistic expressiveness. The collection occupies a futuristic building located in the centre of the town just a few metres from the marina.

The works in the Fondazione Ghisla are laid out in eight rooms over three floors. Their layout is determined by the taste of Pierino and Martine Ghisla, who over the past thirty years have gathered perfect masterpieces from the Pop Art, Arte Informale, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art and New Dada movements. Moreover, starting from 2016 the entire third floor of the building is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Presenting works that are not part of Ghislas collection, we thus extend our exhibiting offer.

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