Vairano Yoga Path and the Gambarogno Botanical Garden

Enjoy nature and relaxation in Vairano.

The Yoga Path in Vairano is open all year round and is the perfect opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Gambarogno region. Located near Sass da Grüm, it winds for approximately 1 km, with nine stops along the way, each one dedicated to a different yoga exercise. The route takes approximately one hour to complete.
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Also in Vairano, atop a hill that seems to dive into the lake, plant nursery owner Otto Eisenhut used his expertise to create a botanical garden with a total area of over 17,000 m² (4.2 acres). Here you can admire approximately 950 different species of camellia and roughly the same number of magnolias, not to mention azaleas, peonies and rhododendrons, surrounded by exotic pines, junipers, ivy and fir trees, including species rarely seen in Europe.
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To reach Vairano, get off at Magadino and catch the bus for Gerra (Gambarogno).

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