Strada Alta

The Strada Alta, about 44 km long and divided into three or four stages, is a fascinating trail that leads from Airolo (1175m) through the left side of the valley and connects the villages of High and Middle Leventina. You walk past the Piottino and come up in the Biaschina. Then you follow along the river and finally arrive in Faido, where you can admire the beautiful waterfall of Piumogna. Next from Faido to Sobrio and then continue until Vallone di Bodio in Pollegio that adjoins Biasca.

It is one of the classic trails of Ticino, thanks to the numerous testimonies of the interesting history of the Leventina. Drawn from the rigors of rural life in the mountains are indeed still many old and typical wooden houses to admire. Scattered around you'll find charming little churches that are particularly pleasant in this landscape. On the way you pass through pristine woods and picturesque villages.
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