Important changes for TILO services

From 9 June 2019.

The most important TILO timetable changes this year will take effect on 9 June 2019 and remain valid for a period of six months.

Ticino–Malpensa (S40 and S50)
The biggest change is the extension of the S50 line from Varese to Malpensa Aeroporto T2. The S50 runs from Bellinzona via Lugano and Mendrisio to Varese and Malpensa Aeroporto, with hourly connections and stops at all regional transport stations. The connections operate daily from 5.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. (departure from Bellinzona from 4.34 a.m. to 8.34 p.m., departure from Malpensa from 6.13 a.m. to 11.13 p.m.). This ensures that most Ticino residents can take the train from a station close to where they live and travel directly to the desired terminal.

With the extension of the S50 to Malpensa Aeroporto, the S40 line only runs to Varese, from Monday to Saturday from 5.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (departure from Varese from 5.36 a.m. to 7.36 p.m., departure from Como from 5.41 a.m. to 7.40 p.m.).

To enable these traffic changes between Mendrisio and Varese, the departure times of the S40 and S50 lines needed to be modified. The changes also affect the rail hub of Mendrisio. This station will continue to be served with connections to Como, Varese and Lugano every 30 minutes.

Considering these important changes, we advise all travellers to check their S40 and S50 connections on the online timetable.

Ticino–Milano (EC and RE10)
Regional traffic in Ticino is also affected by the large-scale construction project on the eastern side of Lake Zug. From 9 June 2019 until 12 December 2020, the railway line between Zug Oberwil and Arth-Goldau will be completely closed. The construction work is causing significant changes in the timetables and travel times between German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, which also has an impact on regional TILO timetables.

A transitional timetable is required for this period with modified departure times for RE10 and EC connections.

During this phase, the RE10 connections will no longer operate with a clock-face schedule and will have a slightly longer travel time. These measures also affect some S10 connections. In total there are 13 Milan–Ticino connections and 12 Ticino–Milan connections.

Considering these major changes, we advise all travellers to check their RE10 and S10 connections on the online timetable.

Biasca–Locarno (S20)
There are slight adjustments to the departure times for the Biasca–Locarno line. The trains leave from Bellinzona at 2 and 32 minutes past the hour, from Locarno at 1 and 31 minutes past the hour. Due to the construction work on the eastern side of Lake Zug, some connections are subject to capacity restrictions.

Cadenazzo–Gallarate (S30)
From 9 June to 29 September 2019, the S30 line will only run to Luino. A replacement service between Luino and Gallarate is planned.

Considering these important changes, we advise all travellers to check their connections on the online timetable by entering a date after 9 June 2019.

More information on the timetable change:
SBB online timetable (with date after 9 June 2019)