Overview of the main construction sites

Information on construction sites in Ticino for 2020.

The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel planned for 13 December 2020 and other important projects continue to require construction sites on railway lines and at stations in Ticino. These measures are necessary to ensure the successful operational launch of the new projects and proper maintenance of the existing infrastructure.

The commissioning of the Ceneri Base Tunnel and the 4-metre corridor planned for the timetable change in December 2020 is soon approaching. Between Basel and Chiasso, 25 construction projects are still in progress or have already been completed. Some of these also concern Ticino.

Once all the work has been completed, rail traffic in Ticino will have been revolutionised. Journey times between the urban centres of the canton will virtually be cut in half.

The most important construction sites affecting the TILO route network in 2020 are the works necessary for the technical implementation of the Ceneri Base Tunnel, the completion of the dual track extension between Cadenazzo and Tenero and the expansion of the Paradiso/San Martino tunnel to a height of 4 metres. At the end of this article, you will find a summary of the construction sites planned for 2020 in Ticino.

The disruptions associated with the construction projects should be kept to a minimum for rail traffic as well as passengers. To this end, TILO and SBB are continually looking for solutions to maintain timetable stability and plan targeted information measures.

Whenever possible, attempts are made to take construction sites into account when planning the timetable. In other cases, specific measures are taken to ensure rail transport operations and minimise the inconvenience to passengers.

TILO and SBB are committed to keeping rail service disruptions to a minimum for customers until the construction work is completed. This includes the strategic use of rolling stock and careful planning of railway operations. In the event of operational disruptions and changes in rail traffic, all necessary measures shall be taken to guarantee the best possible customer service.

At tilo.ch, the Alerts Service information box lists all the operational disruptions affecting routes serviced by TILO.