With Fondazione Tamagni against violence

Enjoy the carnival responsibly.

The Tamagni Foundation, in collaboration with TILO, aims to make public transport users aware of violence and its prevention during the carnival period.

For several years, the Tamagni Foundation has been committed to raising the awareness of young and older people to prevent violence, especially during the carnival period, through various campaigns.

This year, too, the foundation is working with TILO to raise awareness of public transport users.

Every year TILO must record episodes of vandalism, violence and dangerous behaviour in public transport during the carnival. All TILO trains are equipped with a video surveillance system that makes it possible to identify the perpetrators. This means that in addition to the payment of a hefty fine, it is possible to be filed in a criminal complaint.

Often we do not realize that the reckless behaviour of some may spoil the party of many.

Smoking on public transport is strictly forbidden.

For more information: www.damianotamagni.ch.