Il Galatilo, the art of good travel

Practical tips for traveling better.

TILO wants that each journey is always comfortable, safe and on time. But to make sure this happens we have to ask everyone for their help. Good manners are the best partner for a pleasant ride.

We have collected some practical advice that will help you, your friends and your family have a better travel experience. You can find the “Galatilo” in paper format in all SBB sales points in Ticino or you can download it at the end of the page.

  • To avoid queues at the station, I buy my ticket online
    It's just more convenient. I can buy tickets always and everywhere.
  • Before getting on the train I wait until all passengers got off
    So I'm not in the way and will not be run over.
  • I always put my luggage in the luggage rack
    I never leave my luggage unattended or in the way.

Help us improving the “Galatilo”. If you have helpful advice to improve the safety and comfort of travelers, please send them to

So it will become even better to travel with TILO. Thank you!