Il Galatilo, the art of good travel

Practical tips for traveling better.

TILO wants that each trip for you is always comfortable, safe and on time. But to make sure this happens we have to ask all to give their contribution. Good manners are the best partner for a pleasant ride.

We have collected some practical advice that will help you, your friends and your family have a better travel experience. You can find the “Galatilo” also in paper format in all SBB sales points in Ticino.

At home.

  • "I plan carefully my journey".
    I choose the best connection and check before departure that no changes have occurred.
  • "I plan the route from my home to the train station".
    If possible, I use the bus or bicycle. Or I use the P + Rail service to park my car at the train station.
  • "To avoid queues at the station, I buy my ticket online".
    It's just more convenient. I can buy tickets always and everywhere.
  • "I choose the most convenient and least crowded connections".
    I check the expected train occupancy on the online timetable. So I travel more relaxed.
  • "If I want to work on the train, I choose the first class".
    In first class I travel better and can work more comfortably.

At the train station.

  •  "I never, never cross the tracks".
    Trains are fast and quiet: when you hear it approaching, it is already too late.
  • "On the platform I always stay behind the safety line".
    Better yet I stay further away from the tracks.
  • "Before jumping on the train I wait until all passengers got off".
    So I'm not in the way and will not be run over.
  • "At the front or very back of the train I find more space".
    On the platform I wait where are less people, so I get on faster and find a better place.
  • "In case of danger I alert the SBB Transport Police".
    In a dangerous situation, I call on 0800 117 117. They know what to do.
  • "The platforms are no ashtrays".
    If I need to smoke, I throw the cigarette butts in the provided ashtray.

On the road.

  • "I always put my luggage in the luggage rack".
    I never leave my luggage unattended or in the way.
  • "I never put my feet on the seat".
    No one wants to sit on a dirty seat.
  • "Low volume, an important rule in the train".
    Music and calls are a personal thing. I use headphones and try to not disturb anyone.
  • "I always use the trash can on the train and at the station".
    If I have to throw away paper, plastic or cigarette butts, I always use the correct bucket. A clean environment is nicer."
  • I always travel with a valid ticket".
    A service only works if all give their contribution. On the train it is not worthwhile to dodge paying the fare.
  • "I travel only in the purchased class".
    When the second class is crowded, I cannot get into the first class, even if I stand.
  • "I leave the toilet clean as I would like to see it".
    A clean restroom is important. A toilet that is there for all, must be maintained by all.

Help us improving the “Galatilo”. If you have helpful advice to improve the safety and comfort of travelers, please send them to
A selection of the best proposals will be included in the next edition and the authors can win two Arcobaleno day tickets (valid in all zones in 2nd class).

Please share this recommendations with your family and friends. So it will become even better to travel with TILO. Thank you!

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