Complete startup of the new S40 and S50 lines

From 7. January 2018 Varese will be connected with Ticino and Como.

From 7. January 2018, the new line between Mendrisio and Varese will be in full operation, with the lines S40 and S50 connecting the main towns of Lombardy Varese and Como with each other and with the Ticino.

With the startup of the new line between Stabio and Varese, the two S40 and S50 lines will be extended from Stabio to Varese.

  • The S50 trains travel every hour from Monday to Saturday between Varese-Mendrisio-Lugano-Bellinzona from 05.30 to 20.30. With only 49 minutes driving time between Varese and Lugano, these connections are very interesting for commuters.
  • The S40 trains travel daily from 5:00 am to midnight every hour between Varese-Mendrisio-Como-Albate Camerlata. The journey time between Varese and Como is only 41 minutes.

The new S40 and S50 lines, along with the S10 line (Albate Camerlata-Como-Chiasso-Lugano-Bellinzona), form a network that allows to travel every 30 minutes from station to station in the Lugano-Varese-Como triangle, either directly or changing train in Mendrisio.

By S40 to Malpensa airport, from June 2018
In June 2018, the S40 will be further extended from Varese to Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1 and 2). The connections travel every two hours and will replace the S30 services on the route Gallarate-Malpensa airport. Thus Malpensa Airport will be reachable every two hours without changing train from Como/Chiasso/Mendrisio, and one train change from Lugano / Bellinzona.

New border crossing tickets and travelcards
The new border crossing tickets and travelcards, which replace the international TILO fare, make it possible to travel carefree between Ticino and Lombardy. The tickets are valid in the area of ​​the Arcobaleno fare network and on the regional trains and the S-Bahn of Trenord. In particular, border crossing monthly travelcards are new. Until today it was not possible to travel with one single travelcards between Lombardy and Ticino. For more information and

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