S40 line extended to Malpensa Airport

From the 10th of June 2018.

With the timetable change of the 10th of June 2018, there will be important news for regional traffic in Ticino. In particular, the services will be expanded on the S40 line.

Extension S40 line
The line S40 Varese-Mendrisio-Como is further extended from Varese to Malpensa airport, with stops at Terminal 1 and 2 and 18 daily connections.

Malpensa Airport will be accessible every 2 hours with arrivals from 6.47 until 22.47 and departures from 7.13 until 23.13. From Como, Chiasso, Mendrisio and Varese you travel directly. From Bellinzona and Lugano you change train once.

Changes on the S30 line
With the completion of the major construction works that interested the line until the end of April and with the extension of the S40 line to Malpensa Airport, from June 10 the S30 line will travel unto Gallarate. In Gallarate passengers headed for Malpensa airoport change to the S40 line.

More news
From May 28 to July 6, 2018, some connections will be changed:

  • S10 with departure from Bellinzona at 16.43 travels from Lugano
  • S20 with departure from Airolo at 6.48 travels only to Bellinzona

From June 10, 2018 there will be a new RE connection departing from Chiasso at 20.07 and arriving at Milano Centrale at 20.50.

From July 16, 2018 the RE connection from Milano Centrale with departure at 13.10 will be extended to Lugano.

We advise all travelers to check the travel times of their connections as small time changes are possible on all lines.