TILO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018: high participation

Results of the survey.

Between the end of September and the beginning of October 2018, TILO carried out its biennial customer satisfaction survey. The participation was again very high.

Of the total of about 6,000 questionnaires distributed on our trains, about 2,500 have been returned. We thank all our travellers for the important information that has been sent to us. A special thank you, an iPhone X, was handed over by the TILO director to the winner of the contest.

As far as the results of the survey are concerned, they are generally good but there has been a pretty big reduction compared to previous years. 64% of the users said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the TILO services. 20% said they were neither satisfied nor unsatisfied or did not answer. Users who said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied have risen slightly to 16%.

The main issues that users consider critical are punctuality, quality / price ratio and the lack of seating.

The new S40 and S50 services between Mendrisio and Varese are appreciated by 73% of users.

This information is of very importance to TILO as it helps us to identify potential for improvement.