Flirt trains are comfortable, modern and innovative

TILO’s fleet consists of 54 Flirt trains, 23 of which have four coaches and 17 of which have six. From 2020 14 new Flirt TSI trains with six coaches are gradually introduced.

The Flirt (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train) is a modern, quiet vehicle which features a device that adapts to the power supply systems of both Switzerland (15 kV alternating current) and Italy (3kV direct current). This saves time by eliminating the need for passengers to change trains or for the locomotive to be changed at the border.

Inside the trains, passengers can enjoy a pleasant temperature, comfortable seats and large windows. The coach entrances are equipped with low footboards, enabling disabled passengers, parents with pushchairs and passengers with bicycles or lots of luggage to board easily. FLIRT first-class coaches feature double plug sockets with Swiss and Italian voltage.

The Domino four-coach trains consist of renovated locomotives from the 1990s and new FLIRT coaches.