New_interne_Informazioni traffico ferroviario
New_interne_Informazioni traffico ferroviario

Rail traffic information

Disruptions to rail traffic, strikes and delays.


SBB provides round-the-clock information on disruptions to the Swiss railway network and the affected stations in the event of strikes or delays. This information relates to SBB and its railway lines. SBB also provides information on major disruptions and strikes abroad.

Automated information on SBB rail traffic


In the event of strikes in Italy, information and details on additional services will be provided through announcements at the station, posters and press releases, as well as on the Trenord website. As the duration of the strike, the number of people involved and the network and staff affected depend on the trade union involved, the detailed list of safeguarded trains may change.

Contact Center Trenord
From Italy and abroad: +39 02 72 49 49 49 (Monday to Sunday from 5.00 to 1.00).

Real-time traffic information from Trenord