Tibetan Bridge Carasc

The Tibetan bridge build by the Foundation Curzútt-S. Barnàrd is 270 m long, one of the longest in Europe. It connects Curzùtt and S. Bernardo with the Via delle Vigne, allowing you to make excursions in an area rich of cultural heritages and beautiful landscapes. The bridge is situated 130 m above the ground and is almost one meter large. Crossing it is a unique and impressive experience, suitable for the whole family.

On the road to Curzutt, there is the Romanesque church of San Bernardo, built in the XI and XII centuries. The church located at 600 meters altitude and it’s part of the monuments of national importance in the Bellinzona area. The external structure is modest but the walls inside are almost entirely covered with 14th and 15th century frescoes.

- by walking: From Monte Carasso or Sementina you can reach the bridge in about 1,5 hours.

- by cableway: From Curzutt to the tibetan bridge you walk 45-60 minutes.

- shuttle bus service: Sunday and public holidays to San Defendente. From there you reach the bridge in about 45 minutes.

For more informations please look at www.curzutt.ch

Cableway’s hours of operation and rates www.mornera.ch

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