Reinforcement of TILO services from 11 May 2020

Please pay attention to the announcements at the station. The online timetable is updated regularly.

Due to the current situation the range of TILO connections is increased so that there is once again a train every 30 minutes on certain routes. Some restrictions of public transport service is maintained until further notice. Connections to/from Italy are cancelled. The situation is being constantly monitored.

The TILO services travel as follows:

RE10 (Erstfeld­–Bellinzona­–Lugano­–Milano)

  • The service is cancelled between Chiasso and Milano.
  • In Italian territory there is a replacement service between Como and Milano.

S10 (Bellinzona–Lugano–Chiasso–Como)

  • The service is cancelled between Como and Chiasso.
  • Trains every 30 minutes between Bellinzona and Chiasso are guaranteed all day long.
  • Connections departing Bellinzona at 4.34 a.m./ 11.34 p.m. / 00.34 a.m. and connections arriving in Bellinzona at 11.26 p.m. / 00.26 a.m./ 01.26 a.m. are cancelled

S20 (Airolo–Biasca–Bellinzona–Locarno)

  • Trains every 30 minutes between Biasca and Locarno are guaranteed throughout the day.
  • Connections departing Bellinzona at 10.32 p.m. / 11.32 p.m. / 00.32 a.m. and connections arriving in Bellinzona at 11.28 p.m. / 00.26 a.m. / 01.30 a.m. are cancelled
  • The two morning and evening connections between Airolo and Locarno travel regularly

S30 (Cadenazzo–Luino–Gallarate)

  • The service is completely cancelled

S40 (Varese–Mendrisio–Como)

  • The service is completely cancelled

S50 (Bellinzona–Lugano–Mendrisio–Varese–Malpensa)

  • The service is cancelled between Stabio and Malpensa Aeroporto.
  • Trains every 60 minutes between Mendrisio and Stabio are guaranteed throughout the day (between 4.30 a.m. and 00.30 a.m., departure/arrival time in Mendrisio).
  • Connections with additional S10 and RE10 connections in Mendrisio are guaranteed.

TILO Pigiama

  • The night services TILO Pigiama are completely cancelled. 

Any changes to the measures indicated will be evaluated according to the evolution of the situation and communicated in time.

Further information on rail transport can also be found on the SBB and Trenord websites.

The protection plan for public transport makes travelling as safe as possible.

The system leaders for rail (SBB) and road transport (PostBus) developed the plan on behalf of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT). It is based on recommendations and measures issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to combat the spread of coronavirus. The rules apply to all public transport and to all stations and stops. Since it is still suspended, tourist traffic has not been taken into account in the plan. The plan will enter into force on 11 May 2020 and will be adapted if the Federal Council's strategy so requires or if it needs to be optimised.

Find detailed information about the protection plan here: