Resumption of TILO cross-border services from 15 June 2020

Some service limitations are still in force. Please pay attention to the announcements at the station. The online timetable is updated regularly.

From 15 June, with the complete reopening of the borders between Switzerland and Italy TILO resumes its cross-border services. With this change, TILO's offer is back to normal, but some slight reductions persist. The protective measures for public transport provided for by the Swiss and Italian authorities, based on the national territory of reference, remain in force. The situation is constantly monitored.

The gradual increase in TILO's offer continues, from 15 June onwards it largely resumes normal operations as before the Coronavirus crisis. Customers have available all connections of the annual timetable, except for the night-time offer and individual connections during peak hours.

The TILO services travel as follows:

RE10 (Erstfeld­–Bellinzona­–Lugano­–Milano)

  • The service runs normally

S10 (Bellinzona–Lugano–Chiasso–Como)

  • Trains every 30 minutes between Bellinzona and Como are guaranteed throughout the day.
  • There are three other connections, leaving at 6.35 a.m./ 6.53 a.m. from Chiasso and at 5.49 p.m. from Bellinzona.
  • The connections from Bellinzona at 4.34 a.m./ 11.34 p.m. / 00.34 a.m. and the connections from Como at 10.10 p.m./ 11.10 p.m./ 00.15 a.m. are cancelled.

S20 (Airolo–Biasca–Bellinzona–Locarno)

  • Trains every 30 minutes between Biasca/Castione-Arbedo and Locarno are guaranteed all day long.
  • There are two more connections from Airolo at 6.45 a.m. and from Locarno at 4.48 p.m.
  • The connections from Bellinzona at 10.32 p.m./ 11.32 p.m./ 00.32 a.m. and the connections from Locarno at 11.01 p.m. / 00.01 a.m./ 1.05 a.m. are cancelled.

S30 (Cadenazzo–Luino–Gallarate)

  • The service runs normally, with some exceptions.
  • The connections to the Luino market, which leave at 8.14 a.m. from Bellinzona and at 1.40 / 3.40 p.m. from Luino, are cancelled.

S40 (Varese–Mendrisio–Como)

  • The service is running normally.

S50 (Bellinzona–Lugano–Mendrisio–Varese–Malpensa)

  • The service runs normally, with some exceptions.
  • The connections from Mendrisio at 10.35 p.m. / 11.35 p.m./ 00.35 a.m. and from Bellinzona at 4.34 a.m./ 11.34 p.m./ 00.34 a.m. are cancelled between Mendrisio and Bellinzona.
  • The connections from Varese at 10.00 p.m. and from Malpensa at 11.13 p.m. are cancelled between Varese and Malpensa.

TILO Pigiama

  • The night services TILO Pigiama are completely cancelled. 

Changes to the specified measures will be evaluated according to the development of the situation and communicated in time.

In parallel with the increase in the offer, the number of travelers has also increased slightly in recent weeks, although social distances are still assured. It is necessary to continue to comply with the hygiene and health protection measures laid down by the competent Swiss and Italian authorities in accordance with the area concerned.

On the website all information on the protection measures to be observed in public transport is available both on Swiss and Italian territory.