TILO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020: Satisfaction on the rise.

TILO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020: Satisfaction on the rise.

Results of the survey.

In October 2020, more than 2,400 TILO customers took part in the biennial customer satisfaction survey. More than eight out of ten customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the services offered, an increase compared to previous surveys.

Every two years, TILO takes an assessment of its performance. Since 2010, its customers have been regularly asked which aspects have been consolidated and where there is room for improvement. An open dialogue between the two parties with the aim of continuously improving services and thus customer satisfaction.

The survey showed a clear improvement in the perception of punctuality. Among customers, the need for improvement on this point has decreased significantly compared to the last surveys, which shows that the indicators on this point show a positive trend. The survey also made it possible to ask customers about the current COVID 19 health emergency. More than 65% of the clients said that they felt safe with TILO. This is of utmost importance to the company, for which customer safety is paramount. In fact, TILO systematically applies the safety protocols set by the authorities in accordance with the regulations in force.

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