Opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Service changes for TILO.

The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel will introduce a number of important innovations for transport in the Ticino region. Due to delays in the completion of certain railway projects in Ticino, these innovations will be carried out in two stages. The first is planned for 13 December 2020, the second for 5 April 2021.

The coronavirus forced construction sites to remain closed for several weeks, which led to considerable delays for numerous construction projects in Ticino. The dual track extension between the bridge over the Ticino river and the bridge over the Verzasca river can therefore only be completed by the end of March 2021.

As a result, the new regional transport service can only be introduced partially by 13 December 2020. The definitive timetable will not take effect until 5 April 2021. Nevertheless, a number of important routes will already be able to benefit from shortened journey times as of 13 December 2020.

13 December 2020: an overview of the most important changes.

  • The new RE80 line through the Ceneri Base Tunnel connects Locarno directly with Lugano every hour in just 30 minutes.
  • The RE10 line operates between Lugano and Bellinzona via the Ceneri Base Tunnel. For onward travel to Biasca, Airolo and German-speaking Switzerland, travellers from Bellinzona take the connecting trains of the new Südostbahn (SOB) service. The RE10 line will stop also in Lugano-Paradiso.
  • The S10 operates according to the existing timetable. During peak hours, some connections will travel through the Ceneri Base Tunnel.
  • The S20 connections will serve Biasca every 30 minutes instead of every hour.

5 April 2021: an overview of the most important changes.

  • Definitive introduction of the new RE80 route with fast connections between Locarno–Lugano–Chiasso every 30 minutes and hourly onward connections to/from Milano Centrale.
  • The RE10 route is replaced by the new RE80 service and, between Bellinzona and Lugano, by the S10 line.
  • The S10 connections operate via the Ceneri Base Tunnel, which shortens travel time by around 15 minutes and the new northern terminus station will be Biasca.
  • Introduction of the new S90 service on the Monte Ceneri mountain route. Trains will operate every 30 minutes between Lugano and Giubiasco with hourly onward connections to/from Mendrisio and stops at all stations.
  • The new northern terminus station of the S20 route will be Castione-Arbedo.
  • The connections of the S30, S40 and S50 routes are confirmed with some minor modifications. The S50 connections to/from Bellinzona will operate via the Ceneri Base Tunnel, shortening travel time by around 15 minutes.

In the coming weeks TILO will provide further details of the new timetable for the period from 13.12.2020 to 4.4.2021.

Here the service overviews for the two timetables:

More information on the Ceneri base tunnel: