The future starts today.

The future starts today.

Art installations and a competition to try out the new services.

The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel in December 2020 marked the completion of the New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA). A flat route through the Alps has become a reality, enabling a quantum leap in European mobility.

More freight can be transported by rail, and journey times between north and south have been reduced. For Ticino, the Ceneri Base Tunnel also heralds a new era. From 5 April 2021, journey times in the Bellinzona–Locarno–Lugano triangle will be greatly reduced. Ticino is undergoing a significant expansion in public transport, providing new momentum for both economy and society.

At the railway stations of Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno, the quantum leap in public transport is not only to be seen in the timetable. Three art installations make the shorter travel times in the Bellinzona–Locarno–Lugano triangle visible and tangible. The art installations were created as part of the “Ceneri 2020” project and can be viewed at the stations from 7 April 2021.

Take part in the competition, win an Arcobaleno monthly travelcard and try out the new connections.