Coronavirus: travel as safe as possible

Coronavirus: travel as safe as possible

Protection measures to respect on public transportation.

In line with the competent authorities’ strategy of easing the measures taken against the coronavirus, service on public transport is being gradually increased. This makes it all the more important to comply with the protections measures when travelling.

TILO, together with its partners, is committed to frequently cleaning and sanitizing the passenger compartments of trains, as well as providing all staff with protective equipment. 

Protection measures on public transportation in Ticino:

  • Keep your distance.
    Be considerate of each other and keep your distance: at stops, counters and ticket machines, when getting on and off the train and, if possible, whilst on board.
  • Carry a protective face mask with you.
    If it is not possible to keep to the rule of maintaining a distance of two metres from others, we strongly recommend wearing a protective face mask in accordance with the FOPH’s guidelines. You can find information on the correct use of protective face masks on the FOPH website.
  • Avoid peak times.
    If possible, avoid traditional morning and evening commuting times and use less busy connections instead. TILO will be supporting passengers by providing as much space as possible on trains.
  • Buy tickets online.
    The protection plan for passengers and staff allows temporarily closed ticket counters to be reopened and for opening hours to be extended. Nevertheless, we would like to ask our customers to buy tickets online, via apps, or from ticket machines if possible, and to pay with contactless methods at the ticket counters.
  • Observe hygiene rules.
    Customers can wash their hands according to hygiene recommendations in on-board restrooms, where available, and in train-station restrooms. Disinfectant dispensers will be placed at the entrances to larger stations. Dispensers are available at the entrances and exits of travel centres.
  • Leave seat spaces.
    TILO will be supporting passengers by providing as much space as possible on trains.

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Protection measures on public transportation in Lombardy:

  • Avoid stopping in closed station premises, except for travel related needs.
  • Choose the freest areas of the platform and always keep at least one metre away from other people.
  • Always wear a protective face mask and gloves while waiting for the train and on board. Never leave your face mask and gloves on the train.
  • Leave the marked seats free, occupy only the unmarked seats. Reduce mobility on board the train as much as possible.
  • Avoid stopping in areas between carriages as much as possible.
  • When boarding and leaving the train, stand in line near the door and wait for your turn. Promote an orderly flow. Avoid crowding.
  • Observe the announcements made at the station or by the Train Supervisor. Half of the seats may be occupied alternately. Follow the instructions on board.
  • Download and use the Trenord App for more information on traffic and protection measures.

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