New TILO trains starting from the timetable change.

New TILO trains starting from the timetable change.

The fleet grows bigger.

As of the timetable change on 13 December 2020, TILO will gradually introduce 14 new Flirt TSI vehicles produced by Stadler Rail. The new trains will reinforce the fleet in view of the increase in the offer linked to the commissioning of the Ceneri base tunnel. 

On 13 December 2020, the Ceneri base tunnel will officially enter into operation. On the same day there will be a timetable change, at which TILO will begin the gradual introduction of 14 new Flirt TSI trains. The supply of these new vehicles is already underway; 8 will be in service from December 2020 and the other 6 will be introduced gradually in 2021.

The new Flirt TSI are modern electric trains that will be added to the TILO fleet, so that TILO will be able to count on both the current 40 second generation Flirt trains and the 14 new third generation Flirt trains. In this way TILO will be ready to cope with the increased offer linked to the commissioning of the Ceneri base tunnel.

The Flirt TSI are six-car vehicles, 105 metres long, which can accommodate a total of 554 passengers, with 244 seats (20 more than the second generation Flirt) and 410 standing places. They are equipped with multiple multifunctional zones for bicycles and bulky luggage, as well as easy access to first class from inside the train. All vehicles are easily accessible thanks to the low floor, in line with the 55 cm raised platforms in the majority of stations.

Initially, as announced on 30 November 2020 by the supplier Stadler Rail, due to a problem with a subcontractor not all of the ordered toilet cabins will be delivered on time. For this reason, three compositions will be either partially or not equipped with bathrooms. TILO and SBB regret this inconvenience. A definitive solution to the lack of bathrooms will be implemented by Stadler by mid 2021.

The trains will be used mainly on the S20 line Biasca‒Bellinzona‒Locarno and for the new fast services RE80 Locarno‒Lugano. From the complete timetable change on 5 April 2021, thanks to the introduction of the new trains, there will be 478 TILO daily connections, compared to the current 383. Many of the new connections will also travel in double formation, thus providing a greater number of seats. The new Flirt TSI trains are currently only approved to operate on the Swiss rail network but will also be approved for the Italian rail network by the end of 2021.