Overview of trackwork in 2022


Information about contruction work in Ticino in 2022.

A safe and efficient railway network is of primary importance, which is why for 2022 major works on the lines are planned. In addition to the summer construction schedule, which allows many important infrastructure projects to be carried out, other construction sites are planned through the year that will impact the circulation of TILO trains.

Some of the major construction sites that will affect TILO connections in 2022 are the doubling of the line between Contone and the bridge over the Ticino river, the track renewal between Capolago and Mendrisio, and the works on the Ceneri mountain line.

At the bottom of the article, you can consult the map of the main construction sites planned in Ticino in 2022.

To try to minimize the impact of construction sites on rail traffic and customers, TILO and its partners are constantly looking for ways to ensure the stability of the timetable and plan effective information measures.

Large-scale infrastructure projects that last for a long time are usually defined and included in the annual timetable, while in other cases specific measures are taken to limit customer disruption as much as possible.

Through careful management of resources, TILO is committed to minimizing the impact of construction sites on customers. In the event of inconvenience and/or changes to traffic, all necessary measures are taken to support customers in the best possible way.

On the TILO website, in the Service Alerts, all service disruptions on TILO lines are posted.



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