With TILO to the Gottardo Arena


For all matches in Regular Season

For the first home game of the Hockey Club Ambrì Piotta (HCAP), on Friday 15 September 2023, the special TILO train, the BancaStato Express, will be back. It will run for all games, excluding derbies. Again this year, entrance tickets and season passes are valid as a ticket for public transport within the Arcobaleno validity range.

The special train runs during all home games of the Regular Season, excluding derbies, and leaves at 6.33 pm from Bellinzona in the direction of Alta Leventina to continue non-stop to Biasca. From here it leaves at 18.46 and arrives at the Ambrì-Piotta station at 19.15, without further intermediate stops.

At the end of the game, heading south, the train leaves at 22.40, stopping at all stations (Faido, Lavorgo, Bodio, Biasca and Castione-Arbedo) and arriving in Bellinzona at 23.30. From Bellinzona, it is possible to continue the journey to Lugano and Chiasso with the TILO S10 line or in the direction of Locarno with the TILO S20 line.

If the match is extended, the special TILO train awaits the fans and the departure in the direction of the south is postponed. Connections in the direction of Locarno (TILO S20) and Lugano (TILO S10) are available from Bellinzona until 1.00 am.

In order to use the service from your home to the Ambrì-Piotta station and back, you will need to show the entrance ticket purchased in advance or the season card of the Leventina club.

Please note that on board of the special TILO train there is a ban on bringing alcohol.

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