Rail traffic information

Rail traffic information

Information on disruptions to rail traffic, strikes and delays

In Ticino

SBB supplies information for Ticino around the clock with regard to railway operations, disruptions to the rail network, strikes or delays. SBB also gives details of the most significant disruptions and strikes abroad.

In Lombardy

Trenord provides information for Lombardy on trenord.it or via their own app regarding train operations, disruptions to the rail network, strikes and delays.


Information and any rail replacement services occurring due to strikes in Italy are notified via station announcements, public notices, in the media and online on trenord.it. The list of trains actually operating may turn out to be different from strike to strike due to variations in the way these are handled. This depends on the trade union in terms of the duration of the strike, participation in the strike, the route and staffing levels.