Discover TILO

Discover TILO

Who we are and what we do

TILO provides regional rail traffic in Ticino and Lombardy together with the parent companies SBB and Trenord. The company connects the two regions with one single cross-border range of services.

SBB Swiss Federal Railways and Trenord each hold 50% of shares in the company. Trenord is a rail company based in Lombardy, which originated from the merger between Trenitalia Divisione Lombardia and Le Nord. Trenord took over the share capital held by Trenitalia up to June 2011.

The objective of the company is to offer its passengers the best possible travel experience. With its wide experience and considerable expertise, TILO has attained excellent results up to now and has established itself as an important stakeholder in the regional traffic of Insubria.

TILO’s progression is characterised by quality, safety and development, following on from several major rail projects which have been successfully completed.

Facts and figures

Date founded: June 2004
Head office: Bellinzona
Shareholding: 50% Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), 50% Trenord 
Share capital: CHF 2 million

Board of Directors: 
six members of the Board of Directors with a three-year term; three Swiss and three Italian members.
Company management:
Denis Rossi – CEO
Sergio Olliaro – Finance, Human Resources, Administration
Christoph Kölble – Timetable and Service Dimensioning

Employees: 196 (on 31 december 2023)
Lines: S10, S20, S30, S40, S50, S90 and RE80
Kilometres covered in 2023: 7.7 million train kilometres
Guests transported in 2023: 22.8 million


The TILO fleet consists of a total of 54 Flirt trains (RABe 524): 23 four-part Flirts, 17 six-part Flirts and 14 six-part Flirt TSI.

The Flirt (fast light innovative regional train) trains are modern, low-noise compositions. They are fitted with a current conversion system which adapts to the varying types of power supply of the two countries. The trains can therefore operate between Switzerland and Italy without having to make a technical stop.

The atmosphere on board is particularly pleasant thanks to controlled air-conditioning, comfortable seats and large windows. The low floor entrances facilitate boarding and alighting for travellers with a disability, as well as those with pushchairs, luggage and bikes. Double power sockets with Swiss and Italian voltages are available in 1st class.