Code of conduct

Our priciples and values

As a 50% joint venture between SBB and Trenord, TILO must respect the shared values ​​of the parent companies. In accordance with the Code of Conduct of the parent companies, this Code sets out rules of conduct for correct day-to-day business procedures. These activities should meet both the legal requirements and high ethical standards.

This Code of Conduct was approved by the Board of Directors and is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. As TILO employees, we all undertake to observe the rules of this Code of Conduct as the basis for all our actions in everyday business. We ensure safety, quality and sustainability in the interests of our customers, create the conditions for a working environment with integrity, and promote and protect the good reputation of TILO and the parent companies.

We also expect our business partners to share these values and to guarantee that their activities comply with the principles of this Code of Conduct.

Dealing with people

  • Protection of privacy: we treat each other decently, fairly and with respect. We protect the personal rights of our fellow citizens and do not tolerate any form of exclusion.
  • Discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment: we offer equal opportunities to all employees in their professional development. We do not condone discrimination, workplace bullying or harassment of a sexual or personal nature, against employees, customers, suppliers or business partners, based on gender, race, religion, age, origin, sexual orientation, disability, or political or trade union activity.
  • Health and employment law requirements: we protect the health of our employees. We observe the relevant legal provisions and regulations and offer proper working conditions.

Dealing with safety

  • Protection and prevention: we always protect people first in all our activities. In addition to the protection of employees, customers, suppliers and business partners as a priority, we also safeguard our plants, systems, buildings and rolling stock. We avoid damage through ongoing and forward-looking safety and risk-conscious behaviour.
  • Safety provisions: safety is our top priority. We adhere to the relevant safety-related specifications and standards.

Dealing with information

  • Communication: we maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholder groups and we demonstrate responsibility towards the environment, society and the country. We communicate transparently, honestly, comprehensibly and in a targeted way that is at the appropriate level, when addressing our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, the supervisory authorities, politicians and interested members of the public, as well as the media.
  • Data protection: we treat data from employees, customers, suppliers and business partners with the utmost care and confidentiality. These data are processed exclusively within the framework of legal provisions and internal regulations.
  • Information security: we handle information and data with care. We do not pass on any confidential information about TILO, its customers, suppliers and business partners to third parties. We use contractually regulated IT services from TILO for internal or confidential information or data storage.

Dealing with vested interests and gifts

  • Conflicts of interest: we avoid all situations in which personal interest conflicts with the fulfilment of tasks in the company and we do not compete with the company. If a conflict of interest arises, or if we are unsure about whether this is the case, we should inform the relevant senior person immediately and without being asked.
  • Corruption: we do not tolerate bribery or other forms of corruption. Contributions such as gifts, invitations, payments, favours or other benefits from or to third parties are not permitted. Exceptions with regard to minor benefits are set out in the internal regulations.

Dealing with competition

  • Competition law: we do not make any agreements with competitors or business partners that intend or cause an inadmissible restriction of competition. We do not hinder competitors nor exploit business partners.
  • Awarding of orders: when placing orders, we comply with the standard legal requirements and internal regulations. We treat all vendors and suppliers equally and ensure a fair and transparent process.

Dealing with assets

  • Third-party assets: we respect the assets of third parties. In particular, we also observe the legal regulations for the use of third-party intellectual property.
  • TILO’s assets: we handle work equipment, furnishings and all other TILO assets with care. We use the tools and aids made available to us exclusively for business or for other authorised purposes and do not tolerate misuse or intentional damage. We ensure that TILO’s intellectual property is appropriately protected and respected by third parties.

Dealing with finances

  • Money laundering: we comply with the relevant legal obligations on money laundering.
  • Taxes: we comply with applicable tax regulations. We do not assist in tax evasion or tax fraud by our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners or third parties.
  • Accounting: we guarantee correct accounting according to recognised principles. We ensure that the financial representation of the business is correct.
  • Subsidies: compliance with subsidy regulations is a top priority for us. We ensure that legal and regulatory requirements are applied.

Dealing with the environment

  • Climate and energy: we make a significant contribution to curbing global warming, increase our energy efficiency and rely on renewable energies.
  • Dealing with resources: we procure and use our resources economically, efficiently, responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way. Together with our partners and suppliers, we design our entire value chain to be environmentally friendly and, whenever possible, keep materials in the material cycle.
  • Environmental law: we comply with applicable environmental laws and standards.

Confidential compliance reporting office (whistleblowing)

TILO does not tolerate any contraventions of legal regulations, this Code of Conduct or other provisions. Contraventions will be sanctioned in accordance with the applicable legal and contractual provisions, and may lead to the termination of the existing contractual relationship and/or to criminal proceedings.


Employees should report suspected or actual contraventions of this Code of Conduct or other internal regulations as well as illegal activities to the line managers. The compliance reporting offices of the parent companies are also available to receive reports from employees, customers, suppliers and business partners of TILO. Incidents reported to the compliance reporting office of the parent company are investigated using a standardised process. The incidents reported and information will be accepted confidentially – and anonymously, if desired – and investigated confidentially.

Persons who report suspected or actual contraventions in good faith need not fear any disadvantages.