Bikes and other slow mobility vehicles

Bikes and other slow mobility vehicles

Conditions of carriage and practical tips.

The transport of slow-moving vehicles such as bikes (classic and electric) and scooters (classic and electric) is permitted with a few restrictions on all TILO connections. You will find information below on the conditions of carriage, purchasing tickets, and practical tips for a convenient, environmentally friendly and considerate journey with your own means of transport.

Conditions of carriage and ticket purchase

SBB conditions of carriage apply in Ticino. Folding bikes (classic and electric, in folded position) and scooters (classic and electric) may be transported on all trains. They are carried free of charge and without time restrictions, provided the maximum diameter of the largest wheel is 30 cm. For conventional bikes and other vehicles that do not fall under the description above, a valid ticket must be purchased at the ticket counter, ticket machine, via the SBB Mobile app or on

Details of the spaces provided for taking bikes on TILO connections in Ticino can be accessed via the SBB Mobile app or on

Special conditions apply to groups with bikes. These can be found on

Routes on which bikes are not permitted are marked with the pictogram of a crossed out bike.

In cross-border traffic between Ticino and Lombardy, a reduced-price Arcobaleno cross-border ticket must be purchased from the station of departure to the station of destination.

Trenord’s conditions of carriage apply in Lombardy. Traditional, foldable and electric bicycles and scooters (traditional and electric) can be carried free of charge and without time restrictions on all trains. 

Details of the spaces provided for taking bikes on connections in Lombardy can be accessed via the Trenord app or on

In general, it is currently permitted to take bikes on all TILO connections in Lombardy.

Practical tips for taking your own vehicle on the train

  • On weekdays, especially during peak hours, between 7am and 9am and between 4pm and 7pm, it may be prohibited to take bikes for capacity reasons. Consult the online timetable.
  • The rule applies on all connections that bikes may only be taken if there is sufficient space. Should there be capacity issues, passengers are asked to use alternative connections.
  • The bike pictogram on the doors of the coaches indicates the door to be used for loading the bike.
  • The bike must be parked in the designated place. Depending on the type of train, it has to be attached to the bike hook or secured using the appropriate strap.
  • For safety reasons, the escape routes, entrances and exits as well as access to the driver’s cab must remain clear at all times.
  • Please follow the instructions of the train staff. They are authorised to enforce any restrictions on the carriage of bikes for safety reasons.
  • Bike sharing offers in Ticino and Lombardy sometimes represent a good alternative to taking your own bike.
  • Please always allow plenty of time for the journey and for changing trains.