Barrier-free travel

Barrier-free travel

Travel free of barriers in Ticino and Lombardy

In Ticino

Passengers with reduced mobility can request help boarding and alighting at stations in Ticino via SBB Call Center Handicap. Call at least one hour before departure. The service is free of charge and is intended for wheelchair users, as well as those who have difficulty walking, the visually impaired, the deaf and passengers with a mental disability.

Flirt trains from TILO are particularly suitable for people with limited mobility, older people and passengers with pushchairs. They have a low floor entrance and a ramp, which enable barrier-free boarding and alighting. However, this is only possible at stations with a type “P 55” platform (at the same height as the entrance to the train).

At larger stations in Ticino a mobility lift is available for passengers with a disability. Boarding and alighting can therefore be facilitated with the help of station staff on-site. This service must be requested in advance with the SBB Call Center Handicap.

SBB Call Center Handicap
In Switzerland: 0800 007 102 (from 6 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., toll-free)
From abroad: +41 512 257 844
[email protected]

In Lombardy

In Lombardy, assistance is offered at stations as well on board Trenord trains for travellers with limited mobility. This also applies to TILO regional trains once they have crossed the Italian border.

Travellers with reduced mobility are requested to inform Trenord of their need for assistance at least 48 hours before departure of the train. If the message is not received in time, Trenord will nevertheless try to provide the support required.

Contact Center Trenord
In Italy: 800 210 955 (daily from 8.15 to 19.45).
In Italy and from abroad: +39 02 72 49 49 49 (Monday–Sunday, from 5 to 1)
On working days, the office responsible can also be contacted via e-mail: [email protected]
Comments on limited barrier-free access in stations or on trains can also be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]