The new 2024 timetable takes effect


From 10 December 2023

The new 2024 timetable comes into effect from 10 December 2023. Apart from a few changes, it mainly includes a consolidation of the TILO range of services from 2023. Larger construction work will affect TILO operations this year too. In turn, their completion will result in significant benefits for passengers.

Changes to TILO connections


  • New stop at Minusio
    The timetable changes mean that TILO’s Minusio regional stop will also be put into operation. The new stop is served by the TILO RE80 and S20 connections.
  • RE80
    From Monday to Friday, the RE80 connection from Locarno will be extended to Como S. Giovanni at 9.22 p.m., where a connection with the S11 from Trenord to Milano Porta Garibaldi is scheduled. Adjustments to the departure and arrival times of the connections at Locarno station are planned with the new Minusio stop in operation.
  • S10
    From Monday to Friday, there is now an early morning connection to Leventina. One S10 connection will additionally run from Biasca to Airolo: on Monday, departing from Mendrisio at 4.11 a.m.; and from Tuesday to Friday, departing from Chiasso at 4.02 a.m.; arriving at 6.07 a.m.
  • S20
    With the new Minusio stop in operation, slight adjustments are scheduled to the arrival times of connections at Locarno station.
  • S40
    From Monday to Friday, a new direct connection runs from Varese to the Vedeggio Valley. The connection leaves Varese at 6.36 a.m. as the S40 and continues from Mendrisio as the RE with stops at Paradiso, Lugano, Taverne-Torricella, Mezzovico, Rivera-Bironico and Giubiasco. Travellers to Balerna, Chiasso and Como S. Giovanni change in Mendrisio.
  • S90
    The connections between Giubiasco and Mendrisio via the Ceneri mountain route operate half hourly again. The connections in Giubiasco are guaranteed once more.
  • S30
    The direct connections between Cadenazzo and Gallarate are guaranteed again. The connection from Luino at 5.40 runs to Bellinzona instead of Cadenazzo. The connection from Cadenazzo at 17.04 now starts at Bellinzona, departing at 16.54.

The most important infrastructure construction work in 2024

  • S30: various maintenance works
    On the route between Cadenazzo and Luino, many infrastructure works take place all year round, except in summer. Rail replacement buses operate for individual daily connections. In addition, the route will be completely closed from 7 to 28 January 2024. All connections will be replaced by buses.
  • RE80: Besso underpass in Lugano
    From 27 December 2023 to 5 February 2024, the temporary bridges will be dismantled, resulting in a ten-day closure for each track. For some RE80 connections, longer travel times are to be expected. There will be interruptions to some connecting services between RE80 connections and IC trains. Also, isolated S90 connections, where the final stop is usually Lugano, will be extended to Mendrisio with no intermediate stops.
  • RE80 and S20: Contone–Ponte Ticino dual track
    As part of the expansion of the route between Cadenazzo and Locarno, full route closures are planned at night from 1 September 2024 up to the timetable change in December 2024. Rail replacement buses will be operating.

Conditions of carriage for bicycles and other slow-moving traffic vehicles

On TILO connections, slow-moving vehicles such as bicycles (classic and electric) and scooters (classic and electric) are permitted with a few restrictions. On our website, you will find details about the conditions of carriage, information on purchasing tickets and practical tips for a convenient, environmentally friendly and considerate journey with your own means of transport.

Given these important changes, we recommend that all travellers check their connections on the online timetable by entering a date after 10 December 2023.

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